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When will bet365 launch in Arizona?

Bet365 is one of the largest gambling sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. While it dominated its home country across the pond, bet365 has started to make its mark in the United States, as well, operating in six different states: New Jersey, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and Kentucky. The operator also has another venture slated to join its growing empire in the U.S., with bet365 recently receiving approval to begin servicing Arizona. 

Where is bet365 operating in the United States?

bet365 was approved to join the large list of sportsbooks operating in Arizona on Tuesday, August 28. The decision gives the operator up to 180 days to launch their services in the state. While bet365 has to be available to the public by February 24, 2024, there’s a strong chance that they’ll be fully running long before that date. In order to claim a Bet365 AZ promo code, it is important to remember that you cant be registered with bet365 anywhere else in the past.

Arizona has had legal sports betting since 2021, making it easier for bet365 to join into the foray rather than be a part of opening a brand new market in the state. With Arizona set to become bet365’s eighth area of operation, the operator already has plenty of experience opening up its doors in a new territory. With those two things in mind, it’s more than likely that they’ll be able to launch their sportsbook in Arizona earlier than the 180 allotted days to begin operations. 

When was bet365 approved in Arizona?

In New Jersey, bet365 was approved to become an official sportsbook back in July 2018. By late August of that same year, they were taking their first bets in the state. That turnaround time is certainly incredible and shouldn’t be the expectation moving forward. While it’d be ideal for bet365 to start taking bets in Arizona just in time for the start of the 2023 NFL season, it’ll be incredibly difficult for the operator to match the timetable they set up in New Jersey. 

For example, in Virginia, bet365 received its license on August 15, 2022. Unlike in New Jersey, though, operations in Virginia weren’t launched the following month. In fact, it took nearly half of a year, as they made their official launch in late January 2023. That four-month span is a much more realistic goal for bet365 and would still have them fully functioning ahead of March, a proven month for increased profitability for sportsbooks due to the NCAA’s wildly popular March Madness tournament. 

When is bet365 expected to be operational in Arizona?

Another reason that bet365’s launch in Arizona will likely be closer to the timeline they established in Virginia than the one they set in New Jersey is the fact that Arizona isn’t their only focus right now. Not only did bet365 receive approval to begin operations in Arizona recently, they also obtained the ability to open their doors in Kentucky as well.

While it may be disappointing for sports fans in Arizona to learn that they won’t be able to cast their wagers with the new sportsbook as quickly as they’d like, they won’t have to wait too long. One of the conditions for their approval with Arizona was the state’s requirement that bet365 be ready for operation within 180 days.

It took bet365 nearly that much time between approval and launch in Virginia, so there’s a strong chance that Kentucky and Arizona will follow a similar timetable. Both states have more in common with Virginia both in terms of population and size of their respective sports betting markets than with New Jersey. 

Of course, citizens of Arizona can still keep their fingers crossed that bet365 will be ready in time for NFL football season, at least the majority of it. At the latest, though, Arizonans should be able to take advantage of bet365’s services on February 24, 2024 and contribute to the March Madness boom.

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